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SO who am I?

Meme Queen. Resident Personality Hire. Bluntest Person In The Room.

Best DJ. Your Next Cow0rker.


What Sets Me Apart?

with five years of wandering through the marketing maze, crunching numbers, and diving into graphic design like a champ, I bring a fresh perspective to the creative party.


As a black, queer, and autistic woman, I'm not just here to innovate; I'm here to make sure our ideas are bulletproof.


Things That Are Important To Me

Continued Growth

Being a well-rounded creative is my top priority. So hands-on learning and the chance to grow are important.

Expanding DEI Support

I am deeply committed to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Pushing the needle

I thrive on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to drive innovation and progress.

GIVING BACk To Chicago

Giving back to my community in Chicago is a core value, and I actively seek ways to support and uplift others.

Finding Home

Finding a sense of belonging and camaraderie in the fast-paced environment of an agency is essential to me.

Creating Opportunity

I am passionate about creating opportunities for others, whether through mentorship, networking, or advocating for change.

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