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From start to finish.

Crafting the LE FEMME brand from scratch was an exhilarating journey as a creative director.


We envisioned a luxury perfume brand that embodied grace, the dark feminine, and sophistication while shattering the confines of traditional conventions.


From meticulously curating the fragrances to designing captivating visuals, every element was a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.


Our belief in celebrating individuality and passion for continuous learning inspired us to push creative boundaries, resulting in an enchanting brand that empowers individuals to embrace their unique essence and make an unforgettable statement.


Welcome to the world of LE FEMME, where artistry and elegance converge to redefine luxury perfumery.


Mood board Magic

Crafting the LE FEMME Coquette Style Mode Board and Femme Fatale Style Mode Board presented both an enjoyable and demanding challenge.


With the perfume not yet fully realized, I had the task of visually embodying the brand's essence of grace, the dark feminine, and sophistication.


Designing the Coquette Style Mode Board involved striking the  delicate balance between elegance and playfulness, resulting

in a visually captivating representation.


Similarly, curating the Femme Fatale Style Mode Board required a thoughtful exploration of allure and mystery, capturing the intriguing persona of a captivating and enigmatic woman.


It was a rewarding experience to imagine and materialize these style boards, offering a glimpse into the future LE FEMME fragrances and creating anticipation for what lies ahead.


From Coquette.

To femme fatale.


Customer persona.

Crafting the LE FEMME brand persona was a thrilling creative endeavor. We carefully sculpted a persona that embodied grace, the dark feminine, and sophistication, without ever falling into the mundane realm.


We sought to capture the essence of mystery and allure, infusing every aspect of the brand—from visuals to messaging—with an irresistible sense of intrigue.

The result was a persona that exuded confidence and sophistication, drawing individuals into a world where elegance and enigma converged.


As an art director, it was an exhilarating experience to breathe life into LE FEMME, a brand that stands as a captivating embodiment of unconventional luxury.

Le Femme Ruses Persona.png


Was it cheesy to use the French flag colors as the bases for this color palette?


But is this what the client wanted? Yes.

In my defense, I feel like darkening the hue and using them as only accents against swaths of the darkest black and the cool but also cozy creme color help tone down how obnoxious these colors can be when used incorrectly. 

color scale.JPG

color scale.

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Designing the LE FEMME logos was an exciting endeavor, as it involved the delicate art of balancing traditional and vintage inspirations while ensuring a modern and youthful appeal for today's femmes.


I embarked on a creative exploration, blending classic elements with contemporary design techniques to capture the brand's essence.

The challenge lay in infusing the logos with a timeless elegance that resonated with traditional aesthetics, yet maintaining a fresh and youthful energy to cater to the modern audience.


The result was a harmonious fusion, where vintage charm seamlessly coexisted with a vibrant and youthful spirit, creating logos that symbolized the essence of LE FEMME and captured the hearts of sophisticated and modern women.

Main logo.


Easily adaptable for future product line expansion.

Untitled design (6).png

Horizontal logo.


Shorthand logo.

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